What To Expect From Your Chauffeur When Hiring a Limo

Hiring a limo for a special occasion is not only about the glamour and luxury of the vehicle, but the quality of service as well. Part of a high quality limo hire service is having good customer service and an attentive chauffeur.

Whether you’re hiring a limo for a one off special occasion or for regular business trips, you still want the same quality service. For starters a quality limo hire company will always have professionally trained chauffeurs whose insurance covers the car, the drivers and passengers, in case of accident.

A high quality chauffeur should be a good driver, who can easily navigate the roads at a regulated pace that is not too fast and not too slow. Of course, he should be able to adapt his speed to the client’s needs and requirements, for instance, for a London tour in a limo it is best to go quite slowly so that the  Chauffeur Service London  clients can take in their surroundings. On the other hand, a busy business man going to the airport may need a much quicker journey.

A good chauffeur for a limo hire company will always be punctual, keeping to the exact times the clients want. For chauffeurs there is no excuse for being late, since they should know the travel distances and traffic well or at least plan out the journey and set off early.

A chauffeur should always offer high quality customer service that is attuned to the client’s moods and requirements. They are there to make special occasions even more special, by simple polite gestures, such as opening the doors for the ladies and gentlemen. Of course, don’t be unreasonable about requests, it is the chauffeur’s duty to be polite and look out for your needs with a reasonable limit, not to look after your every want.

Lastly a good chauffeur should be a good advisor on places to visit and go if you are touring a city. Even if you are only in the limo for a night out, it might be worth having a chat to the chauffeur about spontaneous places to go; he will after all have great knowledge of the local places he drives around.

Conclusively, a customer focused chauffeur for limo hire will have a great record of punctuality, an extensive knowledge of areas, good planning skills, a safe and customer conscientious driver, and will be able to connect with the client’s needs. When searching for a limo hire company bear this in mind, and opt for a company with excellent customer service skills as well as an extensive variety of high quality luxury limos.

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