Top Six Tips to Increase Your Credit Limit

For sure you know what credit limit is. Basically, it’s the maximum amount you can make for purchasing using your credit card. But sometimes, time will come that you may think that your limit isn’t enough anymore. You may be in this kind of situation right now. So the question would be how can you increase your limit.

Acquiring for a higher limit will be possible through request. So what could possibly be the things you can do to persuade your credit card provider to approve your request? Well, here are the top six tips I will share to you to have more chances of having your credit limit increased.

1. Abide on terms and conditions consistently. Yes! This manner would give your provider the impression of you of being a good risk. If you have abided their terms and conditions consistently, you are simply proving them that you deserve an increase.

2. Having a high credit score. This is a matter of proving them your credit rating. Your provider would instantly go through your credit score. And if they see your credit score is high, then your request for a higher limit will be most likely approved. Maintain a good credit record by consistently updating your loan repayments to avoid damaging your credit rating.

3. Keeping an outstanding balance of less than 30% of the limit. Such manner would provide you a low balance on your card relative to your available credit when your credit score is calculated. Though you pay your monthly statements in full, using up your limit to the maximum wouldn’t help.

4. Maintain an active card for the longest time. The longer your available cards are active for several years, the better! Yes! Your provider will more likely be impressed with an active credit history. Such manner would truly affect your credit rating positively. So use your available active cards more often to keep an active credit history. But keep in mind to use each of them responsibly.

5. Prompt payment of bills. What better way to make a good impression on your provider than having a record of consistent payment of your bills on time. But if you have a few late payments put on record then you can ask for a goodwill adjustment considering the fact that you’re a loyal good costumer. It’s never too late to start paying your bills on time. If you have paid at least 10 consecutive on-time payment of bills, that would be enough to cover up a few previously late payment records.

6. Use up your card more than the minimum. With such manner, your provider will notice that you’re quite comfortable in repaying above the minimum amount. It would only prove that you will have an easier manner of coping up with higher minimum amounts.

Now those are the top six tips on how to increase your credit limit. Make use of the tips I have given you and you will have higher chances of having your limit increased in no time.

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