The first game for legal education.

PLI is one among the largest          Civil business laeyer           providers of Continuin Legal Education (CLE) within the United States and a pacesetter in the industry. Lawyers within the US have to observe yearly obligatory criminal publications to gain CLF credits. PLI observed an increasing demand in greater interesting and tough training techniques. The way to fulfill this call for is through converting the current legal schooling version that’s based on passive learning and switch to the mastering-by way of-doing technique. To obtain this, PLI requested for our help and collectively we created the primary severe game of its type for prison schooling.

It’s so actual
The Internal Investigation Game is an entertaining, compelling severe game. The players are a part of a fictional law firm, making plans and executing an inner research. Throughout the sport they may be challenged to perfect a range of felony abilties, from planning and executing interviews with witnesses to gathering statistics and reporting their findings to the control team. The demanding situations the players face end up increasingly hard. During the research, the participant is guided by way of a train who offers constructive and insightful remarks.

“The recreation makes learning about research techniques plenty more fun and fingers-on.”

– An nameless user of the sport
Trusting your personal capabilities
To guarantee the effectiveness of the sport, PLI did significant pilot-trying out with capacity customers and a variety of focus groups. The results were very high-quality!


– ACLEA Award (Association for Continuing Legal Education)

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