How to Find the Top Modeling Agency?

It should be an agency that fits your style and works out for your modeling interests. With that in mind, we list some key indicators of a top modeling agency.

1. It’s a legit agency (not a scam)

This is the first and foremost important thing to determine, even if not for your career, for your safety. Many models get scammed by fake agencies involving money laundering, nude photograph, and rape and drug abuse etcetera. This is definitely something to avoid. Some key ways to identify scammer is:

– They offer free test shoots.

– Guaranteed jobs on the first days.

– Coerce you to wear over revealing clothes.

– Normalize activities such as sex and drugs and ask you to partake in them.

– Located in suspicious area such as Dark alleys

– Book an appointment with you on strange timings such as after 10pm.

These are just common traits of scammers or fake agencies, but of course be always aware of such scammers and be vigilant for any signs of illegitimacy that they exhibit.

2. Testimonial and reviews

This is one of the best ways to assess the performance of an agency. The testimonials act as an endorsement of the agency and their work. Professional agencies will constantly update their testimonials with their models stating their experiences with the agencies. Not only will it give aspiring models a better understanding of the agency’s work, but it also helps them to foresee the most probable types of modeling jobs that they will be involved in.

Reviews from credible sources, such as Google reviews and ratings are a good way to gauge the agency’s work as well.

3. Instagram MODEL

Instagram and social media are key platforms to analyze. Any credible and upcoming agency will put in good work in maintaining their online presence and responding to criticisms made against them. Instagram and Social media platforms such as Facebook are platforms for an agency’s to show off their models and the work that they do. The number of likes and shares they receive would give a good idea of the public perception that they do.

4. Interview will not be a walk in the park

In line with difficulty in getting a job, getting accepted will not be a very easy task as well. This is because a countless number of applicants will be trying to be selected by the modeling agency. To even get called to the interview would require you to submit well-taken photographs. But fret not, the rules of the game are simple, wear simple and show off your natural body confidently. Agencies are looking for a blank canvass on which they can fit various styles of modeling. Show off your natural body and skin with minimal makeup and accessories while wearing simple clothes.

There are also possibilities of getting scouted by agencies. Be sure to take a name card and contact information of the agency and not promise anything on the spot. Research on the agency and determine that their work fit your interests.

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