Using Bollard Lights for Landscape Lighting

Bollard lights are a very specific type of outdoor light, sometimes referred to as post lights because of their design. The word bollard stems from the nautical term used to describe the specific type of post that ships would tie to when they were docked.

The earlier fixtures, keeping with this sailing theme, had a nautical look to them with a cylindrical post and rounded top. This style is still readily available but as the demand for outdoor lighting increases and the styles evolve to meet the needs so have the available styles of bollard lights. You can now find a variety of styles and sizes of these type of lights.

Residential Uses

While bollard lighting is most commonly used for outdoor commercial lighting or in public areas these lights can also be used quite effectively in residential areas as well. Residential bollard lighting can be used to create an attractive lighting design that will help create a cozy outdoor environment. It can also be used for added security or to increase visibility at night.

The residential areas are where most people want to take advantage of the newer decorative styles available like the zen, mission or column style bollard lights. Some of these styles can really add distinction to your yard while adding better visibility. They can also be incorporated into a landscape design that will enhance both the look of the light itself and the landscaping.

They can be used at the beginning of a driveway, by the entrance to the home, to light outdoor stairs or around the deck or patio. How to use them best will depend on the size and shape of the yard. Mini or compact bollards can also be a great addition to a garden or landscaped area of the yard.

Business Uses

Bollard lights are popular type of outdoor commercial lighting. They are most commonly used to light pathways; typically a row of evenly spaced lights are used to illuminate the path. But they can also be used in landscaped areas of the parking lot to add additional light to the parking lot and to the landscape design, or at the entry of a building to add light and create a safer environment at the entryway. Sometimes they are used to light the company sign or logo at a business.

Other Uses

Bollard lights also work well at parks, pedestrian  Residential driveway bollards malls or in community owned neighborhood association areas. They can be used to create a distinct separation between pedestrian areas and areas used for vehicle traffic. They can be used along paths. They can also simply be used strategically to add light for increased safety and visibility.

Because bollard lights are durable and weatherproof they are perfect for a variety places where outdoor lighting is wanted or needed.

Fixed bollards are devices used to protect pedestrians from vehicles; they are a type of barrier if placed collectively in equal spaces. They used to be classed as an eye sore, they were simply metal or concrete posts that were cemented to the floor. They did not have any appeal to them and were purely for safety reasons. Now there are companies that design these bollards not only to be safe and strong but also attractive to the eye, something that you would not mind seeing in public. There are many variations available, some of which I have stated below:

Steel Bollards
These are the closest to the original you can get, designed for safety over style, they can however be painted in a range of colours.

Stainless Steel Bollards
The same as steel ones but with a bright chromed finish, they look more professional and look good outside office environments.

Ornamental Bollards
These are designed to have an olden day feel, and look the part in period places with a slight Victorian look about them.


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